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A strong and superior erectile dysfunction pill with sildenfil citrate as an active content as similar with viagra. It also provides long lasting erection as like generic viagra or levitra with comparative low cost.

Zenegra is the registered trademark of Alken Laboratories and popular with other names such generic viagra, silagra and marketed and manufactured by well known Alkem Laboratories worldwide.

Zenegra 100mg

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Zenegra is the one of the best selling medications that treats Impotence. Impotence can caused because various other health issues such as addiction, obesity, unhealthy eating habit, routine less lifestyle. This is very safe medications that can treat your Impotence easily without any hassle. One can resume to his previous sexual life with partner and enjoy each moment that he lost because of Impotence. Zenegra is the medications that give quick remedy over erection issues.

Zenegra tablet only works when patient is sexually stimulated and one cannot achieve erection if he is not interested in sex. This is something different in the medication that makes it safe to use. If one is not sexually stimulated and he takes pill by mistake then he will not gain erection. This great medication is very good at its performance.

This pill doesn't care about the age it just help you regain erection and keep it for long time. Using zenegra 100mg you can easily continue your sexual activity up to 6 hours.

Zenegra contains PDE5 inhibitor (Sildenafil Citrate) as the main compound which increase blood flow to penis causes strong and long erection which gives remarkable potency and successful sexual intercourse.

  • 1) It is quiet risky for heart and diabetes patients.

  • 2) Make sure you are not allergic to erectile dysfunction curing medicines.

  • 3) It depends on every person but it is advised that Zenegra should be taken 30-40 mins prior the activity.

At Safeformens we have zenegra pill with 50gm and 100gm power dosage.

Headache, nausea

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