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Undoubtedly world's best-selling erectile dysfunction medication which is first ever compound came on the market and still on its highest peak. Sildenafil Citrate is the active chemical compound makes this medication phenomenon.

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In this 21st century, everyone faces some health difficulties, for men, there is one common sexual health issue. Erectile dysfunction is that diseases that man faces for a lifetime or just for a while. If ED persists for a longer period of time than it is indispensable to take necessary actions. As we can see there are plenty of ED tablets are available, but Viagra is the most beloved and first ever ED medication introduced to the world. Viagra is known as most trusted and legitimate sources of ED tablet.

Viagra is more prominent medications for Erectile Dysfunction among all products. Irrespective any cause such as physical injury, cardiovascular disease, diabetes or any else, Viagra is the only one plentiful for all. The journey has begun when the British Scientist, invented Sildenafil Citrate which can be suitable for treatment of ED. Since that time craziness of Viagra have not stopped.


Sildenafil Citrate relaxes soft muscles and this PDE5 inhibit soft muscles such as lungs and penis and increases blood flow which gives long lasting and strong erection.


1) Start with the minimal dosage of 25mg
2) Don’t consume Viagra pill more than once in a day
3) Ask your physician before taking if you are suffering from myocardial infarction, arrhythmia


Available Dosage – 100mg

Side Effects

Blurred Vision, feeling seek, flushing, rash.
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