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A magic, wonder formulated using Avanafil which is the newly FDA approved PDE5 inhibitors, which starts action just within 15 minutes after consumption. Working patterns are similar but the reaction is time way faster than any other ED cure pill.

Stendra is registered trademark and manufacturing product of Vivus Inc. and it is popular with other names such as Avanafil, Viagra.

Stendra 100mg Pills

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Stendra 50mg Pills

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It works totally similar like other PDE5 compounds such as generic Viagra by reacting to sexual stimulation releases extra blood to penis. The difference in the PDE5 inhibitor, is an addition, nitrogen molecule which gives fast action as a result.


1) Consult your doctor or physician before using Stendra pills.
2) Start using this pill with low dosage, i.e. 50mg and then if you have more capacity go with higher one.
3) As these nitrate medicine is not allowed to be taken with many diseases; it should be avoided if you are suffering from hypotension, leukemia, liver issues and heart rate issues.


At SFM pharmacy we offer Stendra in 2 dosages i.e. 50mg and 100mg

Side Effects

There are minor and temporary side effects observed. That includes flushing, nasal choke, headache which are commonly observed in all PDE5 medicines.
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