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This is the magical ingredient which is available in most popular weight loss medicines such as Xenical and Alli. This works as a catalyst and stops the absorption of excess fats. Highly recommended by weight loss experts during reduced calories diet.

Available in the market with product names such as Xenical, Alli. Orlistat is marketed by various names by pharmacies such as Xenical by Roche and Alli by GlaxoSmithKline.

Orlistat 60mg

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Orlistat 120mg

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Orlistat is an enhanced medication used for the weight loss reduction and for a patient suffering from Obesity. Orlistat is the medical compound that it is inherited in various other medicines and they are marketed under various brands such as Generic Xenical, Alli. This medication works really well on patient wishing to reduce some pounds from the body and one can easily achieve this target using Orlistat.

Irregular eating habits, overeating, high consumption of alcohol, no exercise are the main causes which lead to obesity. As a human grows old many diseases affect him due to obesity, such as weaken bones, cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, etc. One can easily lose weight using this medicine and add some extra efforts with exercise.

Our pharmacy always tried to provide various medications that can be affordable and yet quality to give required results.


Orlistat works by increasing the rate of metabolism and fat burning. Its actions on Lipase, which is one of the important enzyme required with the balance. Lipase plays an important role in conversion greasy acid from triglyceride. Orlistat successfully controls overeating habits and the man starts eating less when the course is started. The resultant is patient easily gets a lean and fit body.

This medication only works with the fast and the content of the medicine does not affect any other constraint in the body. It totally works by triggering fat burning.


While undergoing a course of Orlistat one should take some precaution and should continue the course until you achieve your desired weight. By taking precautions one can extract all the benefits that medicine can give.

1) Ask a doctor before taking Orlistat if you have a kidney stone.
2) Check with your doctors in case of any allergies you already suffer.
3) Make sure you do not have previous disorders related to the digestive system, thyroid, and gall bladder.
4) This medication should not be taken by people suffering from malabsorption.
5) Diabetic patients have some different body condition and they should consult a doctor as it may put bad impact on sugar level.


Orlistat medicine is one of the top rated medicines at SFM pharmacy available in 120mg and 60mg. Generally, a 60mg dosage is prescribed with thrice a day dosage pattern. One can change dosage habits, according to the condition received by a patient after starting the course. This medicine is required to take along with water and one should not overdose the medicine.

Side Effects

Wrong pattern or overdose may lead to some serious side effects. One should totally observe and complete the course so that performance will be free from side effects. Though this medication does not show serious side effects, but sometimes in critical condition, one may face some reaction and side effects.

1) Mild fever
2) Severe abdominal pain
3) Some allergic reactions such as itching, swelling, breathing trouble.
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