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Generic Levitra Super Active

A generic version of Levitra which provides extra power to the erection with the explosive amount of blood into the penis which gives rock solid erection.

Levitra is the brand product of and marketed by Bayer.

Generic Levitra Super Active 20mg Pills

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Generic Levitra Super Active is widely used oral treatment for Impotence. This medication and its working structure always appreciated by doctors. This is highly prescribed a medication by doctors across the world. Impotence in men prevents a man from enjoying the complete sexual experience. Impotence causes loss of erection in the middle of sex sometimes a man is not able to gain an erection. Along with sexual life, this disease spoils the personal life of man. One can start using this exotic medication that will help man to be successful in bed time.

Levitra Super Active successfully eliminated erection issues in men for all time. It is required to seek a doctor’s recommendation before use of this medicine. The doctor may guide whether to take this pill or not. This medication can be allergic to other nitric medications or other PDE5 medications. Doctor will help you to guide about how to take this Levitra super active medication. With proper knowledge, you can leverage all the benefits of this medication. This lozenge will surely make your life satisfied which was disturbed earlier.

Try to get Generic Levitra Super Active tablet from discount pharmacy online like Generic Levitra is a quality generic medication which uses same basic content like Levitra.


Vardenafil the active ingredient which is the PDE5 inhibitor compound supplied extra amount of blood into the penis and gives long time erection with super satisfaction.


1) Not applicable for heart patients.
2) Ask doctor if it is ok to have Levitra super active along with alpha blockers dosage.


Available Dosage – 20mg

Side Effects

Photo-sensitivity, flushing, decrease in the vision.
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