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Another trustworthy brand that helps ED patients with a guarantee and without any serious side effects recorded yet. It is also popular for long lasting erection after Cialis.

Levitra is the brand product of and marketed by "Bayer".

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Losing erection just in case cannot be called as Erectile Dysfunction. There are some other temporal issues that prevent man to gain an erection sometimes. There are many causes that can lead to ED and it can be easily diagnosed with the help of a doctor. Blood block is the main physical factor that prevents erection. Damage to blood carrying arteries prevents blood flow to the penis. Levitra regulates the blood supply by working on the relaxation of arteries. Thus, the just single pill can take you way beyond than expectations.

Vardenafil which is a key ingredient in the Levitra is a PDE5 inhibitor. It gives rise to the cGMP enzyme creation and with the help blood flow is regulated. As a result, man can easily gain required stiffness for the male sexual organ within 30-40 minutes after gobbling and it can be maintained up to 8 hours.

All this achievement can be done only if you are sexually stimulated. Sexual stimulation releases some hormones and some signals distributed in the brain that is essential for the perfect working of Levitra. You cannot achieve stronger erections with the help if you are not sexually stimulated and you have a dull approach toward sex.


Vardenafil is the PDE5 inhibitor which works similar to other sildenafil citrate product and also prevents patient from premature ejaculation.


1) Do not take Levitra if you are having heart related issues.
2) Consult doctor prior taking Levitra if you are already on other inhibitors, antibiotics, dialysis.
3) Strongly recommended doctor consultation if you are more than 65 years old before getting Levitra.


Available Dosage – 20mg

Side Effects

Photo-sensitivity, flushing
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