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A Sildenafil citrate-enriched compound offers the perfect solution for the sexual disease such as erectile dysfunction. It gives phenomenon erection by stimulating sex desire and increased blood flow in the penis. This product gives similar effect and results to generic Viagra.

Eriacta is the registered trademark and manufactured by Ranbaxy.

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For men suffering from erectile dysfunction, life is like another mode of suffering. Eriacta gives you the full remedy over this. Impotence is the sexual health issues that man faces at least once in a lifetime. But for regular erectile failures Eriacta is the best option to choose. Medication solves ED caused by any of the factors such as diabetes, stress, obesity, cardiovascular disease. One can trust on this generic version of Viagra and stay relaxed. Eriacta is manufactured using Sildenafil Citrate which is also used in Viagra. But Eriacta is the cost effective solution for Impotency.

Though the cause behind this health issue might be different, but ultimately it blocks blood supply moving toward male organ. Once there is insufficient blood at male organ man cannot be able to maintain erection for a long time. As this issue persists for long time blood supply is stopped fully and man loses the capacity of erection. This medication helps in the relaxation of arteries and make a blood flow path easy to proceed. Once the arteries are opened blood can easily pass through the penis and erection is achieved.

Eriacta can be the life-changing remedy for patient unable to gain an erection. It is a cost effective solution for problem of erections.


Sildenafil in Eriacta achieves strong erection by the degradation of cGMP type PDE5 in corpus cavernous. Relaxation of smooth muscles happens, resulting into nonstop blood flow into the penile region which gives prominent erection for a long time.


1) Cannot be taken along with other nitric oxide medications
2) Strictly prohibited for cardiovascular disease patients
3) This pill excites patient cause damage if the patient already suffering from low blood pressure and heart strokes

Dosage - 100mg

Side Effects

Nasal chokes, headache or flushing may occur in rare case.
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