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Powerful and 100% successful erectile inhibitor with compounded with sildenafil citrate, which is the same with Viagra. This is an alternative to the brand medication with satisfied results and affordable cost.

"Caverta" registered trademark held by Ranbaxy pharmacy and it is also being marketed with other names such as generic viagra, generic Levitra.

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Effectiveness of Caverta

Caverta is the fully effective anti-impotency medicine for men that help them to gain a strong erection and successful sexual activity as a result. It works similar to Viagra by relaxing the arteries, which causes expansion and smoothness lead to a regular supply of blood. Once the blood supply goes proper man can easily achieve a strong erection and when the blood carrying path is free without any obstacle continuous blood supply gives long time erection. The working of "Caverta increases incoming blood flow" and reduces outward blood flow, which helps man to keep an erection for longer time. This pill is comprised of "sildenafil citrate" which is a chemical compound and not any human hormone.

We sell Caverta medication for the treatment of male impotence. Caverta is known to be a solid generic version of Viagra that cures erection problems easily. Erectile dysfunction or Impotence is considered as a private issue that always relates to the male ego. Thus, man feels very uncomfortable when finding hard to gain an erection. Discomfort increases when a man loses erection in between sex and frequency of such instance increases. Caverta pulls you out from such comfort and gifts you an original erection back. Caverta works on erection issues and helps men achieve a strong erection.

Just to know more about your health and capacity, we insist on discussing this thing with a doctor if possible. It will helpful for you to select the dosage as we have a variety of dosages in Caverta pill. Caverta medication lets you choose according to your need. This medication wipes our erectile troubles permanently from your life. Consulting with a doctor will be helpful because he will warn you about other medications that you are using. Sildenafil citrate is the PDE 5 inhibitor and may react with some other medication.

The main compound used in Caverta is Sildenafil citrate. This is the first ever compound approved by FDA for the treatment of Impotence. Just consuming this pill will not be enough, you must be sexually aroused. If you don’t stimulate then do not expect high-level erection. Sexual stimulation and a compound of medicine work together and give you filth of the sexual activity. You can expect erection within half an hour after taking the medicine.


Caverta is the generic version of Viagra and holds the same power with considerably less production cost than brand product.


1) Should not be taken if another PDE5 medicine is on course.
2) Consult doctor before taking Caverta in case of allergies.
3) Avoid if you are suffering from any heart disease, insulin.


Available Dosage – 100gm

Side Effects

Headache, nausea.
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