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Reasons That’s Preventing Your Weight Loss

You have a dedicated person; you always take care of your diet; you never jump over junk food items. Still, you weighing scale do not get friendly with you. Getting trapped in such kind of situation is the worst and most depressing thing for a person. As the body is nothing but the complex system that works in various aspects and anything goes wrong, it may reflect somewhere else.

Various other reasons could be preventing your body to cut off fats and get lighter.

1) Hidden Sugar – Most of the times, we get confused over sugar concept, not only the which sounds sweet has sugar, but various food items loaded with sugar. Some food items, especially ones like ketchup spreads, contain a perfect amount of sugar. Along with that if you are a fan of sugar-free products then be aware, they contain sugar too.

2) Insulin – Insulin is the hormone that is released by a body when we eat carbohydrates. If our consumption is the massive, body is likely to become less sensitive to insulin. Thus controlling insulin level or finding out some diet that controls insulin level could help one to achieve desired weight loss.

3) Stress – It does not matter whether you follow the food, but whenever you are stressed, you cannot control your cravings. This kind of eating is also called emotional eating, which is mostly high Fat or High Carb. Thus either get rid of stress but if that is unavoidable, then keep food plates away from you when you are stressed.

4) Metabolism – The number of fat body stores depends upon your basic metabolic rate; it is the rate of the food digestion once consumed. If you are running low on metabolic rate, then your body might store unused material in the form of fats.

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