Protective Brain

Protective Shield for Brain


Brain, an organ or a blessing, whatever we could say it will always be less than what it does for a human being. Every activity, every critical task, walking, running anything that we perform in our life cannot be possible without having the power of the brain. Like heart or lungs start working since the time of our first breath and it is a nonstop journey until we die.

Sometimes we could not justify our brain and due to ignorance or lack of knowledge, we start creating a problem for the brain. What we generally call stress it is nothing but the torture to our brain and as we know stress leads to various physical and mental issue which are nothing but the resultant of an issue with a brain.

Brain comprised of various tissues such as cerebellum which plays a crucial role while performing any activity. If the cerebellum is not in active stage or it is having bad health one might face problem while performing such activities.

Providing Protective Shield to Brain

The best solution for the brain is to make it hyperactive which fasten the processing and that can improve brain health. If you remember when we were kids we used to get gifts like puzzles, chess because they stimulate our brain tissues which result in more strength to the brain. Various brain games like Sudoku, math quiz, crosswords can help you in this case.

If you observe brain score level of people performing strict weight loss which includes cutting down the fat intake to lose more body fat.  The brain consists of fats and it requires consistent supply healthy fat to keep things going with the flow. When we start crash diet body lacks with such healthy fats and thus one might feel anxious, nerves, face sudden mood swings. You must consume some amount of healthy fats despite your weight loss goal.

Junk food also plays an important role in making our brain disable and dull. When one start eating junk food it’s quite logical that healthy food items such as fruits, veggies are removed from the diet. You must feed your body with such food items which are full of vitamins and minerals to keep brain active and healthy.

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