Portion Control

Portion Control Makes A Big Difference


Weight loss is a journey which helps us to understand various minute things that make really a big difference in our life. Our health is nothing but the puzzle if you know how to solve it then it is a plane journey for you but everybody is not so fortunate. Many people make mistakes and become addicted to their favorite food which results in obesity, excessively on the body, overgrown tummy like a pregnant lady. There are some things that literally can change the way you are expecting your weight loss to be achieved. By adding such things in the routine and habit one can speed up the weight loss process.

Portion Control – Let’s Discuss it

Portion control is not new for the people who already begun their weight loss diet and exercise or the people who have been consulting dieticians for the weight loss.

Our day is divided among various meals some are the big ones like lunch and dinner, others are having snacks, breakfast. Many people do not get the logic behind reducing the amount in a meal and adding more such meal in the routine.

It is called as portion control and it is nothing but the limiting a number of calories at one time from the respective meal. When we are hungry or when we are addicted to the food we don’t consider it’s nutritional value and that results into feeding more calories which are not required.

What happens when a man decides to go on a diet and lose weight, he changes some food items, but cannot control the quantity of food in one meal.

Our food is divided among 3 basic nutrients, i.e. Protein, Carbs, and Fats. In most of the cultures, most of the meals are based on Carbs and Fat in major and protein on a minor. It varies according to weather and lifestyle people are living. When we choose a weight loss diet is based on Carbs and Protein as major and Fats on a minor, but it is very important that one should control over portions.

Consuming excess amount of Carbs also leads to fat storage, thus, it is very important that you limit the quantity of the food so that it will help you burn more fats and you will lose weight much faster.

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