daily fitness

General Fitness – Basic Tips & Greatest Benefits

Our day lifestyle is like an innovation and updates, it keeps on changing as per the place we are living in, as per the age we are shifting and the most important as per the financial status we are improving. Developing six packs or getting tight muscular body is not the definition of actual fitness we are looking for; many people are getting confused over professional body & general fitness. Continue reading

Technology for Better Health

Use Of Technology for Better Health

Everybody is criticizing over progressed technology and how they have invaded our personal time, man to man touch etc. Though such thoughts sound so true we cannot deny the help we have been getting from such technology. There is no such compulsion put by any app company, it’s our voluntary decision to use Smartphones or other technology devices. Continue reading

Unwanted Pregnancy

Have You Had Thought of Plan B?

In many movies or stories you have seen the mention of this word Plan B or an exit plan, it does not be patented but it is referred as another chance to recover from the mistake or loss. Thus Plan B is the term used as an alternative to tackle the situation. Today we are going discuss such kind of different version of Plan B to many females in order to save them from unwanted pregnancy. Continue reading

Weight Loss Ideas

Reasons That’s Preventing Your Weight Loss

You have dedicated person, you always take care of your diet, you never jump over junk food items but still, you weighing scale do not get friendly with you. Getting trapped in such kind of situation is the worst and most depressing thing for a person. As the body is nothing but the complex system that works in various aspects and anything goes wrong it may reflect somewhere else. Continue reading