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Obligations That Makes You Suffer In A Relationship


The relationship has the face that changes according to our thoughts, as we see our partner our relationship changes. Sometime when everything is going according to your expectations things become like heaven but if your mind is gathered with some negative thoughts like doubt, ego or grudge about your partner then there is could not be any bad situation like this.

One might live under such obligations but it is not at all required

1)      Insecurity – Many people have this kind of obligation and such kind of situation is not specific to anything. Both men and women can get insecure about anything that shakes their confidence or gives them an inferiority complex. Such insecurity can be because of money, a personality, having strong bonding of partner with somebody else.

2)      Trust Factor – Having trust in your partner is the only required thing for you for a great relationship. But many people could not trust their partner and keep on doubting on various things; actually, this can be considered as losing trust in ourselves rather than on partner.

3)      Body Obligation – Though one should accept his/her body as the gift from the body we always feel somebody else’s as a perfect example. Either we should try to be like that or be happy with what body structure we have instead of living under such negativity.

4)      Sexuality – There are many men in the world are worried about their sexual life. Some worry because they cannot last long in the bed, which should be tackled if they think wisely. Some men feel their organ is a bit short to satisfy their partner, this is nothing but the imaginary thing. These are the things are not for getting conscious about, we must enjoy our time and try to improve our conditions.

A person who lives in a question all the time suffers from this condition and there are very fewer chances that he could live happily in his life. Worries have no existence and that does not matter to us but it’s our choice to live with them or just get rid of them.

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