Weight Loss Tips

Mind Blowing Ways to Reduce Your Weight


Are you suffering from lots of eating stigma? Does your mouth get watery in front of pastries? Controlling crave is not your cup of tea, this is what your friends blame on you? Then you must be thinking about losing some pounds and hide those love handles. Weight gain is not a casual problem because almost 40 percent of the entire population is suffering from this, just levels are different. Obesity is associated with many health issues and cutting down obesity from your life could be the great way to stay healthy.

Most of us start working out or hit the gym but very soon their motivation goes down and again they start gaining pounds. This is not the thing that should happen and to do so you must understand the logic behind weight loss.

1) When your body start burning more calories than consumed amount you will start losing weight. Many people start craving themselves for hours or sometimes for a day and they think they will lose weight. The body requires some specific amount calories every day for daily activities and that can be calculated using BMR calculator.

2) By consuming a decent amount of calories according to BMR you can start losing weight, one must make sure calories should be consumed using a healthy source. By adding more protein to your diet could help you improve metabolism.

3) You can use one smart trick that could easily help you lose weight. Instead of cutting calories from your BMR and torturing your body lets use another way. An intense workout for 45 mins. Can help you burn 400 calories and if you are weight training your body will burn more calories to recover broken muscles.

4) Approximately 3500 required to be burned additionally to lose 1 pound weight and you can easily manage to burn 3500 extra every week by adding few more minutes to your workout sessions.

5) Fats and Carbs are the prime energy source of your body and protein helps you build muscles. Most of the obese consume few amount of protein every day instead increasing proteins in diet and reducing fats & Carbs will force the body to utilize stored fats for energy.

6) Many people are not aware of such basic facts of the energy system of our body and thus, they fail to achieve target even by starving for long.

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