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It’s Time Back up Your Back


Our body is like a multi-story building where every portion at each level is highly important in order to keep building strong. Like there are pillars are like a backbone in every building, similarly, our back is that thing responsible for keeping our body strong and straight.

In the routine lifestyle, we always ignore our health issues and stress that our body takes every day and once body reaches its limit it starts with various pain and health issues. One can tolerate any pain but cannot tolerate a backache due to its consistency.

You can relieve and stay away from such back issues by backing up your back with the help of some exercise.

1)    Stretching – Many people regular exercise but still they suffer from regular back pain and that is because of the wrong form during the workout and also starting up workout without stretching. Before working out our muscles are in rest mode where we need to make them awaken and also stretch them for better function, if we do not stretch our back then it might hurt entire muscle group.

2)    Crunches – Though crunches are designed for abdominal muscles it also improves back strength and also keeps you away from such unwanted painful experiences. Crunches not only strengthen abdominal muscle group but also helps you improve back flexibility.

3)    Wall Sit – Most of the exercise that helps you improve back strength and posture also helps entire body. If you are suffering from lower abdominal pain then it might be the best kind of exercise for you. Wall sit is considered as the high-intensity exercise and can be easily done at home.

4)    Cobras – This exercise has significance in Yoga exercise but it is one of the finest exercises that helps you deal with back pain. It stretches you back from should length and also gives relief to your neck.

In regular workout routine, there are various exercises that could help you avoid back pain. Instead of increasing intensity or repetitions, you must focus on form that will help you treat back pain much faster.

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