Depression Kills You

It’s Nothing but the Depression


Everything is happening well, you are working and getting well paid, you are eating whatever you want but still you are not getting things that you wish to. You are just thinking, “I am doing which I suppose to do, I am living a lifestyle which doctors advised to me but still I am not getting enough joy and also some sort health problems are knocking your door”. Everyone face such kind of situation and nobody gets a clue why it is happening and how to deal with it. Unless you get to know why you cannot lead to how and this is what happening with most of the young generation.

Knowingly or unknowingly your living life which you do not want to and that is the main reason which leads to a mental disorder called depression. It is a disorder that does not give symptoms because if it is a mental attack how you could your mind will know that. There are many problems we face in our life because of depression.

1)    Lack of Interest – Unless you enjoy what you are doing you do not get the maximum benefit of it and when you suffer from depression is the reason and outcome of living a life which is not suitable to your thoughts. If you are not enjoying life, having a lack of interest in various activities then it could be a strong indicator that you are facing depression problem.

2)    Sexual Problems – Men especially young men facing sexual problems because of depression. Sex is a mind game and if your mind is not stable you are sure to face various sexual issues such as Impotence. Sexual health issues like Impotence should be addressed earliest before it’s too late you can try Sildenafil Citrate (Generic Viagra) tablets to deal with impotence problem.

3)    Obesity & Diabetes – When a person living in depression tends to eat all the tempting food because of the hunger of some sort of satisfaction and such kind of eating habits is called as emotional eating. In the course of time, you eat more than your need which ends up in obesity and most of such people are not moderately active. At very young age eating high-calorie, junk food leads to insulin imbalance and you face further serious trouble known as diabetes.

One cannot call such problems as side effects of depression because depression is itself a side effect of stressing our mind more than a limit.

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