Hot Water Benefits

Hot Water Magic – It’s Really Cool


If anyone asks you what is health and what we can do it to make it better? Then answer will be, health is a collection of good habits and if you have such good habits then there is no need to make it better because it is already best. Unknowingly we keep on following some wrong and we do not even notice what’s going wrong with our body. Some habits are so casual as we can see everyone is doing it and that makes a wrong choice.

Water Drinking Habit 

We are always attracted toward icy and chilled water and whenever we are thirsty we run to the refrigerator and bring a chilled bottle of water. According to ancient health knowledge drinking chilled water is nothing but the poison we are adding inside regularly. Water is something which is required on an hourly basis and we can’t even live for few hours without having it.

Hot Water Magic

According to Ayurveda (The most ancient health stream), drinking hot water is the best thing that you are doing in your life. Now even modern science have confirmed all the benefits of hot water and drinking it regularly.

What makes hot water so cool?

Kicks out toxins – According to Ayurveda you should drink hot water as the first thing in the morning and there hot water therapy that suggests drinking around a liter of warm water in the morning. It kicks out all food remains from the intestine, soften your stools and most important it purifies your body at the beginning of the day by throwing all harmful toxins out.

Metabolism &  Digestion – These two things plays a key role in your life because unless your body deals with the food properly you cannot live better. Hot water helps you improve metabolism and improves digestion as well.

Weight Loss – Drinking hot water increases the body temperature which improves an ability to burn more calories with the same amount of food. When you have intact metabolism and digestion your body start removing stubborn fats and brings your body in better shape.

There are various benefits of hot water to mention that we could discuss in Part II

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