Unwanted Pregnancy

Fear of Unwanted Pregnancy


There was a time when people used to have a baby immediately after getting married but now generations are changing and time has also changed. In this course of time there are many things are changed and most important are way living. Currently, people are spending a happy time in a relationship, they always to live together but most of them are not prepared to get conceived. Financial crisis, corporate competition, and some other responsibilities always come forward and people forget about having a baby. In this course of time, many of the couples lost the mentality to grow a baby and this is the reason they are not prepared for this until 30-35 years.

Let’s Study These Factors in Details

1)    Finance – A newborn baby is considered as the 20 years of investment and though emotionally we don’t consider this fact but it requires a big amount of money. The World is experiencing huge inflation and financial crisis which somehow bothers people and force to think about the decision.

2)    Lifestyle – People love to party and night out frequently and the couple always wants to live in such kind of lifestyle due to stressful work for a week. In such case having the baby put a stop or hurdle in front of their enjoyment and thus many people fear about unwanted pregnancy.

3)    Sexual Problems – As life has become more convenient our health structure started depriving which lead to many sexual health problems. Now both men and women are having some kind of sexual problem at very young age.

Dealing with Unwanted Pregnancy

The market is always fulfilling the need of the time and in order to help people from saving themselves from unwanted pregnancy. Using condom can be considered as the primary source of prevention which is easily available and easy to use.

Along with that, there are some medicines which help women to stay away from such pregnancy. Female contraceptives such as Levonorgestrel helps to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

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