Avoid Pregnancy Factors

Factors That Can Avoid Pregnancy


The female body is nothing but the magical creation of nature as it has the capacity to conceive a baby and has all the internal system to feed the baby for 9 months. Along with pregnancy period always shown as very happy and easy to handle (though it should be like that only) but for a lady, these 9 months are none the less than a battle. Handling herself and growing baby is a very difficult thing and sometimes it becomes critical situation especially in the last phase of pregnancy.

Due to various reasons such as profession, physical inability and lack of confidence many women worry about getting pregnant and on the other due to some health issue some women do not get pregnant. In this article, you will find all these factors that can help you avoid pregnancy and factors that prevent you from getting pregnant. For both kinds of ladies who wish to get pregnant and who do not wish to get pregnant, this article would help.

Staying Away From Pregnancy

Staying away from pregnancy is not a difficult task now as there are various tactics and medicines are available that prevents from getting pregnant.

Tactics – Many doctors suggest enjoying unprotected sex just before 2-3 days of menstrual period and one cannot get pregnant. On the other hand having sex just after a menstrual period can help you conceive easily.

Medicines – There is a variety of contraceptive pills are now available including 72 hours pill, pills with the cycle. Medicines like Generic Levlen is one of the safest solutions for you to avoid pregnancy risk after having unprotected sex.

Factors Keeping You Away From Pregnancy

What do You eat? – Food plays the vital role in making your body fertile or infertile, thus having unhealthy food all the time could be the worst thing for pregnancy. Thus, you must choose your food item wisely by considering their benefits and losses.

Stress – This is a culprit now interfering in everywhere and it also plays a damn important role to keep you away from pregnancy. Though there is no need to be stressed your mind to live life because it is nothing but an illusion created by negative energy.

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