Relaxing Eyes

Eyes – Protect Your Pathway to See This World

Despite we have so many vital organs in the human body, but there is nothing like our Eyes. Eyes are the pathway or the source that gives you an experience of this beautiful world, and this delicate organ part is one of the most stressed organs in the body. As we wake our eyes start their job and it has to suffer from continuous offense from external materials like dust, temperature,

Anything happens to our eyes we immediately notice, but still, we fail to take proper care of our eyes.

1) Taking care Outside – Whenever we exit any room and get into the external atmosphere, we must make sure our eyes are protected.

2) Dealing With Various Screens – We are living in the era of technology where most of the things computerized, and we cannot avoid them. Averagely we make 8 hours contact with various kinds of screens such as mobile phones, television, computers, theaters. We must try to reduce this time as much as we can.

3) Eye Dryness – Though the screen does outstanding works for us, but our eyes cannot remain comfortable all the time. After 30, we start facing eye dryness issues due to improper care of our eyes and watching screens without blinking. Using various eye relaxing techniques, eye lubrication that keeps wetness maintained.

4) Eyes In Dark – We are so addicted to mobile phones that we keep doing something over it when we are not doing anything. Even most of the people continue browsing while sleeping in the night. Exposing eyes to such kind of light in the dark is very dangerous, and one has a risk of losing vision permanently.

Many small things keep on happening around us, but we keep on ignoring all such essential health factors. Every inch of our body or every organ is priceless, which a onetime gift is, and we must learn to protect it.

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