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Do What It Suits You – But Do it !!

What you think after reading the title of the article?

Today we are not going to discuss anything that can motivate you for a workout but today we are going to tell you about consequences of living life without a workout. Yes, we are not going to make your life as a fearful cinema but it’s will be the future if you keep on living life without any kind of exercise.

The motive of these articles is to convince to step up on the mission and do at least some kind of activity every day. Do what it suits you, but do it !!!

1) Food Lovers – Being foodicted is not a bad thing but it comes with one genuine responsibility and that is nothing but the giving justice to what you are eating. If you keep on eating anything and do not put any kind of efforts to burn those unwanted calories then it might be a big problem for you.

2) More Weight, More Troubles – Have you noticed your body movements when you were slim and the difference is nothing but the rigidity. Gaining more weight with unwanted fats reduces the flexibility of the body and that further results in a weakening of internal strength, maximum damage after an accident and many more such harmful issues.

3) More Insulin – Do you know why people experience diabetic condition; it’s not purely because of only sugar but continuously eating all the time. The body releases insulin once in an hour and if you keep on eating at every hour body will keep on releasing more insulin. And that is the main source of diabetes, which has much turbulence in your life.

4) Guilt Factor – Once you reach the maximum level of obesity your body starts reacting by giving negative feelings. As body finds difficulty in its survival it also impacts our mental health, suffering from mental illness is a bad thing.

We totally understand that life is an uncertain thing and we are required to live happily. But working out or exercising regularly is not a punishment but it’s an opportunity to feel fresh, energetic, happy and with more positive.

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