Diet and Lifestyle

Diet Is Fantasy, Lifestyle is Reality !!!

The entire world has now fantasized by the trap set by the fitness industry. Instead of following with proper way to achieve a fitness goal, many people are following short cuts to achieve their targets. Most of the people have accepted one fact that our body structure almost depends upon the food that we consume.

Burning of excess body fat after living a cheesy lifestyle is not an ideal way as it keeps the body in an unsettled mindset. Rather than using such techniques, one must understand the fact i.e., “Diet Is Fantasy, Lifestyle is Reality.”

What does that mean?

To understand the article, we need to understand what Diet stands for; Diet is nothing but the food we eat in our day to day lifestyle. It has misinterpreted as eating is fewer means of Diet.

What to follow to make a diet as a lifestyle?

If you can make to your fantasy as a lifestyle, then it will not be less than a golden way for you. Though one should be able to understand the importance of consistency, if you are consistent on anything, you will get the desired results what you want to achieve.

Two Meals A Day

To find out the right path, we should look into the past and see what our ancestors used to eat and how they used to eat.

Most of the parts of the world majorly engaged in farming, which is nothing but the most promising exercised involved profession. Most of the farmers for a long time until today follow two meals a day lifestyle. If you carefully look at the fitness they have, you will be surprised to see their strength and stamina.

Most of the active farmers have lean body structure but have immense robust body framework, which is nothing but the result of their consistent efforts towards profession and living on simple food.

It’s a very effective method recently became popular in Asian countries.

Summary –

Now stop researching on farmer’s habits and blah blah !! Focus !!

Here is a way to be consistent on successful two meal a day lifestyle.

1)   Pick two-time slots where you feel hungry like an animal. Though this analysis may take several days, you will be able to find it.

2)   Time of 55 mins for the release of insulin, which is continuously secreted by our body to deal with sugar.

3)   You can have whatever you want to have and how you want to eat in that period. Later you will only open your mouth to talk or to drink water.

Benefits –

1)   Surprising weight loss without any side effects such as dizziness, low stamina, etc.

2)   Gives you total freedom to eat what you love to.

3)   Can be followed by anyone irrespective of his age.

If you are tired of trying many things, then this could be the way to the destination.

You must give a try once.

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