How Erectile Dysfunction Diagnosed

Counseling Cures Various Sexual Issues


Like various another issue that happens to us as part of life or we can say as a part of aging man also need to suffer from various sexual health issues. Some sexual health issues occur due to physical factors while some occur due to psychological issues. Many men find it difficult to handle various sexual health issues that they suffer from and the problem is not lack of solutions but the lack of confidence to share it with others.

How does Counseling help to Improve Sexual Issues?

In most of the cases, sexual issues remain with a patient due to hiding it from others and not taking necessary actions. But it has been proved that proper counseling with a professional psychologist or doctor one can able to solve his sexual trouble.

1) Impotence – Most of the men find it embarrassing to say they cannot gain erection but in research, it is concluded that many men do not even close to impotence but their fear of losing an ability of erection makes them impotent. Such kind of psychological fears can be easily addressed by counseling with a psychologist. Impotence is such a sexual health issue that is more psychological than physical.

2) STD Testing – Men are somehow are possessive and bit offensive about their sexual health and they could not digest the fact that they might be having some kind of Sexually transmitted diseases which could be treated only after diagnosis. Having soft words with the patient or taking regular counseling with a patient could convince him for testing.

3) Premature Ejaculation – There might be some physical reasons might be there behind premature ejaculation a condition which makes man ejaculate early before he reaches orgasm level. Most of the cases have not such evidence that could make them ejaculate early other than lack of confidence or some kind of mental dilemma. Counseling to such patient could change his life because of many men and ultimately their partner facing big trouble due to this problem.

In other kinds of sexual troubles like having low sexual desire taking counseling could help to solve the problem and you can enjoy your sexual life like earlier.

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