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Best Exercise & Diet Tips for Oldies and seniors


Many people say this to you about your health and fitness; if you keep yourself tough when you are young it will be beneficial for you. But somehow logics does not seem to be parallel with the thought, still, it’s good that which motivates you to stay fit from an early age. Though there is no research base what you do in last 3-4 years matters most to your body as it keeps on changing every day.

There are plenty of YouTube channels, blogs are there to help you out with workout and diet but there are very few who help elderly people in their workout. One should work out until the end of his life.

Best Exercise & Diet Tips

1)    Weight Training – If you are weight training since long then you can continue with that but make sure you reduce the weight load. After 40s bone weakening starts and if you mistakenly overload yourself it might be a severe injury. Try to keep mid weight training in your workout sessions.

2)    Yoga – For oldies and seniors there could not be a better exercise than Yoga, it relaxes your muscles by stretching and also strengthen your joints. Along with that Yoga is also great exercise for the mind as many old people feel nostalgic in the downtime of their age.

3)    Cardio – Many people worry about running when they get old but so far today running is the best exercise for old people as they can reap all the benefits of their strength. You can engage yourself in other cardiovascular exercises in your workout routine. Cardio keeps you joint strong and improves heart strength.

4)    Diet – Diet is something you can choose by your own which makes you comfortable and keeps you away from various diseases. One should prefer light on stomach diet for dinner and try to consume more vegetables as possible.

Every individual is different and thus their strength at various stages of health. Thus you can make changes in your workout and diet routine as per your strength, we must listen to our body first before anyone else.

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