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Being sexy has totally different meaning than looking sexy but what makes you look sexy is nothing but your attire but what makes you sexy is anything but your physical as well as mental health. Most of the men are busy in making themselves looking sexy but ultimately their sexual performance which counts much more than their appearance. Here are some easy to do tips that will surely make you sexy and you can complement your look with your actions.

Sexual health depends on 3 major factors that are 1) Blood Circulation 2) Testosterone (Sexual Hormone) 3) Mental Fitness

1)    Blood Circulation – If your blood circulation in the body is enough an ample then it is a good indicator of your physical fitness because weak physique leads to various blood supply related issues and sexual issue Impotence is one of them.  Regular exercise such as Cardio or Aerobic and high-intensity training helps you a lot to improve your blood circulation. Along with regular exercise maintaining a proper diet including food items that boost blood circulation helps you a lot in making you sexy.

2)    Testosterone – It is a male hormone that contributes majorly to make sperms and muscles and thus people suffering from testosterone deficiency could not be able to make them sexy. Every kind of sexual health is totally connected to physical strength which can be improvised with weight training which increases muscle breakdown and also boosts the level of testosterone. Testosterone level can be improved with the help of high protein diet because protein is called as building blocks of testosterone.

3)    Mental Fitness – Sexual health is nothing but the activity that actual starts in mind and then ignites this fire in body but if anyone having a mental disability or any kind of mental issue like stress, depression or anxiety, he cannot enjoy his sexual life to the core. Mental fitness depends upon the kind of social life you are living and how your experience is with outside world.

With the help of these 3 factors, you can literally make a big difference in your sexual life.

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