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Hate Sugar

Why Everybody Hate Sugar?


Weight gain, the monster entered in every house. Some worried about it because their jeans are getting tight on their waist, some are worried because they don’t want to be diabetic, ladies are worried as they don’t want that hanging love handles on their body. Everybody is either suffering from this problem or dealing with this problem.

When there is weight gain there comes a sugar as the most negative element on the planet (pun intended), really sugar is that bad as people hate to the core? The answer will be Yes & No. If you understand how to deal with the sugar then it will be your family member.

Why Everybody Hate Sugar?

Though most of us do not have a clear idea about sugar and it’s working in our body but we know this for sure these sweet crystals create more fats on their body and that it, it is quite enough to hate.

Let’s Understand How Sugar is Processed By Body

Sugar is the simplest form of carbohydrate which has a highest glycemic index which is the rate or speed that body converts that carbohydrate to glucose for energy. When we consume sugar it becomes a bomb of glucose or a source of instant energy. Our digestive system gets confused on how to deal with such big cloud of energy and all the extra calories are stored as fat for further use.

The main problem with sugar is totally addictive like alcohol or smoking. When the body receives this sweet energy body gets addictive to it and thus it craves for such source of energy immediately and ultimately we end up with more sugar intake.

How to Stop Hating Sugar?

There is no need to hate sugar instead of it, we should start utilizing this source of energy properly. If you are so addictive to sugar then try to cut down the portion into 2-3 parts e.g. instead of eating an entire pastry at one go try to have it in 3 parts and your sugar balance will start happening.

Sugar is a simple form of energy thus it is taken in an address by the body immediately so better idea is to avoid sugar after an entire meal which is nothing but a bunch of more calories and then sugar again.