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Are You Afraid of Sexual Intimacy – Sexual Health

Opportunity never knocks a door; there are many things in our life that we face for the first time. Going to school, attending college, job interview there are many things that scare us when start preparing for this. For every man and woman, there is one thing that excites and scares too, i.e. nothing but the sexual activity.

Are You Afraid of Sexual Intimacy?

Thinking about sex, any opportunity for having sex for the first time is always a big deal for us. There are many things that could make us anxious, worried and stressed too. Here are some questions answered so that you can find out anything that looks similar to your thoughts.

1) Afraid of Sexual Intimacy – Many of us keep planning or thinking about sexual actions in their mind but when the actual time comes it’s nothing but the nightmare for them. This is kind of time that everyone faces in their life, it’s nothing but the worry to make something better.

2) Sexual Health Troubles – If a man is facing some health issue which is already diagnosed already then it could be the strong factor for being afraid. Both men and women could face some sort of sexual health issues such as impotence, libido problems etc. If that is the case then it is a genuine thing to be worried and feel guilty. To solve such issue one must treat the issue and also share this problem with the partner before engaging into the actual activity.

3) Performance – For a man masturbation is the activity is the first state of being adult and that gives the ideal about his performance. Some men may ejaculate early think about the performance at the time of sexual activity. Thus, worrying about performance could be genuine or it could be nothing but the anxiety due to the first time.

Being afraid is a natural emotion that everyone has but it’s all up to us how much entertaining such kind of emotion. If fear is worth then it’s better to work on the issues causing fear rather then poking head for a long time.

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