Appendix Appendicitis

Appendix & Appendicitis


The human body is nothing but the proper functioning of various complex procedures performed by various organs together to ensure we live a healthy life. Each body part has dedicated its own task and unless we feed it with unwanted things or unless we torture it, it performs properly. When something starts mi’s-balancing our body like food, other health issues, our habits performance level of that particular organ goes down.

The appendix is one of the organs we have in the body which is located at the initial location of the colon which is associated with other organ known as Cecum. So far today appendix is known as a vestigial organ which means it has no such dedication functioning. Some say it has been passed to us in the process of human developments as the organ was in use at that time and later on, it became a vestigial organ.

What Is Appendicitis?

There are various terms that illustrate what exactly Appendicitis is all about but as we tend to provide simple and easy to understand health problems and their solutions. Due to any kind of infection around the areas of colon one can start facing appendicitis. Inflammation or the pain one faces due to this is very severe and thus one has to identify the problem and try to this organ out with surgery.

Though this pain can be temporarily reduced with the help of medical treatment or pain killers as this is a vestigial organ it is required to be removed with the help of surgery.


We cannot identify the pain because of appendicitis as it is located in the complex region. Here are some commonly observed symptoms that you can keep in mind.

1)    Lower Abdominal Pain – Appendicitis pain is located on the lower right side of your abdomen where you feel very sensitive pain and that could make you unstable. Sometimes it could be another kind of a pain but if you feel it’s going unbearably then it might require doctor’s attention.

2)    Appendicitis has deemed connection with our digestion and type of food that we eat. Thus when there is an infection with Appendix it gives nausea and you feel like vomiting after your meal.

3)    There are many other symptoms such as frequent urination, big impact on appetite and also you feel feverish quite frequently.

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