Generic Alli (Orlistat) Weight Loss Capsule

Generic Alli

Generic Alli

A fine weight loss pill which works much more effective than other medicines by blocking excess fats that are absorbed by the body. This medicine is a perfect solution that can be continued during low-calorie diet specially designed for weight loss.

There are same ingredient medicines available in the market like Generic Alli with names Xenical, Orlistat, Orlipastatum.

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Generic Alli 120mg Tablets

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Generic Alli 60mg Tablets

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Alli is the phenomenon medication that helps people to lose weight by increasing metabolism and helping burn fats faster. This medication is one of the highly sold medications for weight loss and obesity solutions. Enriched with the popular content Orlistat this medication works much better than any other medicines promise fast weight loss. This pill works in various conditions, some people want to gain lean body and some just want to burn excess fat and keep away from obesity. This medication helps people to survive from various health conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart issues by reducing excess fats that block various processes inside the body.


Its main action target is an absorption of extra and harmful fats from the food with lipase inhibitor which reduces the eating quantity and thus fewer calories. This product especially recommended for the diet made with intention of low-calorie consumption.

It triggers the fat burning process and works as a catalyst in the process. The body works properly in response to this medication. Fat deposition is the result of more intakes and less outgoing of food. This medication works better if daily exercise is going. Exercise makes this action reverse and body start losing fat on the basis of less intake and more outgoing principle. This medication is applicable for people of all ages and can be continued after weight loss target achieve for long term effect.


Like every medicine, Generic Alli also needs to take precaution. That is required because medication work is so precise and any single mistake can disturb the entire plan. Such unwanted not only disturbs man's diet plan but also add some reaction on the body.

1) Not ideal for Cyclosporine patients.
2) Avoid taking Alli if you are allergic to any compound used in the pill.
3) Do not use generic Alli if you have extra grown weight body and having food absorption issues.
4) You cannot start this course if you have undergone of any organ transplant operation is this medicine used for the prevention of such organs.


1) One should consult or diet expert before starting a course of Alli weight loss medicine. The weight loss plan always changes as per the results and in such condition one should confirm whether to continue with same dosage or increase dosage.

2) SFM pharmacy always tries to provide variants of each product and keep this thing in contention we have brought generic Alli in dosage quantity of 60mg and 120mg.

Side Effects

If this medicine is not taken properly according to the doctor's suggestion than one may face some side effects.

1) Not ideal for Cyclosporine patients
2) Avoid taking Alli if you are allergic to any compound used in the pill
3) Cold and Flu in some cases, if the burning rate increased suddenly
4) Vomiting & nausea feeling after exercise and sudden weakness